Wellness Refocused Education

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The biggest tip I can offer to anyone is educate yourself. Regardless of using a trainer, nutritionist or coach, you need to have an understanding as to why they are giving you the advice they are providing you. I encourage my clients to ask questions – and I would encourage you to do the same too.

Educating yourself is about having power and eventually being capable to participate fulling in your decisions and feeling confident in them.

There are a lot of topics that I feel passionately about within public health, health coaching and training. The full category of Wellness Refocused Education can be found here. The style of writing is a bit different than the rest of my blog posts and often references can be found at the bottom of each post.

Again, these posts are for educational purposes, not directive advice, and to give you a starting point as you educate yourself on your journey.

If you have a topic suggestion, please let me know!

Below are some topic I’ve covered and again you can find those posts here.

  • What are macronutrients?
  • What are micronutrients?
  • Journaling strategies
  • Protein needs for non-athletes and athletes
  • How do build your own meal plan
  • Using different health status tools
  • Psychology of snacking
  • Why you should wash your produce
  • Why health coaching needs to integrate multiple models
  • How to create a plan for a goal