Work with Cristina

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I became a health coach at the end of 2016 because I wanted to help others figure out how to offer themselves acceptance and compassion instead of judgement. I also wanted to help clients create connections between their past and present experiences as they relate to developing and following through on health goals.

Through private practice and coaching roles with health-adjacent startups, I’ve coached over 1,000 people of all ages and backgrounds on a variety of health-related goals.

In coaching, we will look at the intersections that make you, you. My clients are often neurodiverse or have acquired neurodiversity, LGBTAQI+, have experienced trauma, live with anxiety-related disorders. I help you honor your experiences and grow from and through them. I’m not a therapist and I don’t diagnose, but coaching may feel like a safe space for you to process through ideas as we set goals to move you forward.

You can check out my About to learn more about my story – you can also dig through the blog. Below is a snippet of my education and background.


  • Master of Public Health (MPH)-Nutrition, UNC-Chapel Hill, expected 2025
  • Associates in public health, Quinsigamond Community College, 2018
  • Masters in nonprofit management, Northeastern University, 2013
  • Bachelors in public relations and journalism, Utica University, 2011

Certification and Certificates

  • Board-certified Health and Wellness Coach, NB-HWC
  • Trauma-Informed Coach, The Centre for Healing
  • Certified Health Coach, ACE
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE
  • CPR/AED certification, American Red Cross
  • USA Powerlifting Club Level Coach
  • Trauma-Informed Care Certificate, University of Indiana: Bloomington

Why public health? Why health coaching?

Public health utilizes science to discuss health problems, but it looks at the psychological and sociological cause and effect of health in today’s society. It peels back all the layers and it’s exactly how I approach health coaching. I ask my clients to consider how the world impacts them and how they impact the world around them.

As a health coach I strive to influence overall behavior to help create a lasting healthy lifestyle. Your health is more complex than you view it, it’s not just about eating healthy or working out. Anyone can tell you what to eat, when to eat and what exercises to execute, but no one can make you do it – no one can put the work in for you. Health coaching helps you examine your goals and life more thoroughly and create a plan that will help you where you want to be.

You can learn more about working with me here or email me at