Individual Coaching

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Free Consult

All coaching services include a free consult.

All consultations include an intake questionnaire that dives into your health and wellness history, goals, and what’s bringing you to coaching. As a trauma-informed coach who works primarily with neurodiverse folx, I understand how paperwork can be a barrier and it can feel daunting to fill this out.

This is not a failure, and we will go over those questions together during the consultation.

The questionnaire and its review are our opportunity to get to know each other and feel out if this is a working relationship that will help you reach your goals.

For those in need, payment plans and financial reductions are available to be determined during the consultation process.

Monthly Personal Training (Virtual) – $200

Like in-person training, we will go through assessments, talk about your experience including limitations and previous injuries, talk about your training goals over a video call. Workouts are designed with not only your goals and abilities in mind, but your equipment access, which means you can train anywhere – at home, at the gym, on vacation if you want to. Virtual programming is designed for clients to perform on their own with little guidance, however, we will discuss and implement exercise modifications as necessary.

Programming is delivered via the Trainerize Fitness app.

8-Week Health and Wellness Coaching (Virtual) – $1,000

Health and wellness coaching is a comprehensive approach to your health goals. We explore the intersections that play a role in your life including how past experiences impact you today.

In the initial weeks, you will work with me to:

  • Develop your short-term and long-term goals
  • Develop your “why”
  • Determine personal definitions for success and failure to help create an environment for personal evaluation
  • Develop a timeline and action plan for your goals
  • Develop and implement organizational strategies to benchmark timeline

Throughout the 8 weeks, you will also be learning and becoming a partner in the process. Health and wellness coaching can include, but is not limited to:

  • Basic nutrition education and nutrition coaching (not prescription meal plans)
  • Finding ways that you enjoy moving your body
  • Strengthening your relationship with food and movement
  • Individual strength training and cardiorespiratory programming that compliments your health goals (if appropriate)
  • Learn how to define health for yourself to include self-care concepts with professional growth, personal environment and external relationships
  • Challenging thought distortions that may be preventing you from growing
  • Create self-care and self-relationship development plan that aligns with your specific goals

8-Week Executive and Life Coaching (Virtual) – $1,000

The differences between executive and life coaching and health and wellness coaching is that we focus on your own growth as leader, which includes your leadership style and coaching skills necessary to be successful in your career. We will still talk about how your personal life influences your professional one and visa versa, but your goals will be focused on boarder professional challenges and career growth.

All coaching services utilize Zoom and are hosted via video call.

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