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I know that not everyone wants or needs coaching, which is why I wrote this workbook. I had always had a hard time with self-help books and it’s because I felt that they weren’t written with me in mind.

I wanted to have some tools so that I could get started, but I didn’t want to rely on someone else for full guidance. That’s what my workbook is for – the person who may need some help figuring out structure, but wants to do it on their own.

Wellness Refocused: Goal-setting for the Whole Person: A lifestyle lived and coached by [Cristina Sassi]

It’s a quick 21-page ebook that encourages you to look at your life with a broader lens before diving into those goals you want to accomplish. This guide asks you some questions that I ask myself and my clients often so that you can challenge yourself to think critically about your plan overall. There’s also some tips to build your plan.

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