Late night thoughts

Late night #1

I write in a lot of places. It kind of depends on what I'm writing and how I'm feeling. I've explained before that when I'm feeling low or stressed, I can be critical of the smallest things. Because at the time they don't feel small, or they feel like low hanging fruit, and your girl… Continue reading Late night #1

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Post-Op + Insurance update

I had my post-op on Monday, and while I understand it’s purpose, we probably didn’t need the appointment. I was there for 5 minutes - she checked my incision sites and asked how I was feeling. Fucking excellent. Happier than I realized I would be. Relieved. Awesome, all done. I’ll see you for your annual… Continue reading Post-Op + Insurance update

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Not all those who wander are lost: another trip

It’s fitting that this line from J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem The Riddle of Strider from The Fellowship of the Ring is one of two of my favorite quotes. If you’ve never read or seen LOTR, Strider is actually the kind of Gondor, but he appears to be a Ranger. The poem is primarily about looking past… Continue reading Not all those who wander are lost: another trip

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The deposit could be worse

It’s been a long week, but also, it’s only been a few days. My perception of time is just nonexistent and I can’t even blame the pandemic anymore. I got an update about the deposit for the salpingectomy. It's not going to be $1,500, but instead it's $1,124.19 based on my current benefits with my… Continue reading The deposit could be worse