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Why am I awake?!

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Blogging from my phone and on what appears to be a super Sunny Saturday morning, I’m questioning my body’s sanity for being up before 8 am when it knows I didn’t get into bed until 7 hours ago. Get it together!

After a long week of being very cautious and clean I had a treat, one hard cider. Not paleo, but gluten free nonetheless. I plan on running this morning and maybe this is my body’s way of saying “you cheated, now get up”. I’m going to lay here a few more minutes until I realize that I’m wasting my morning and then I will get my butt in gear. I just wish I could’ve slept in. I mean, it’s the weekend and I deserve a little break!

Well fingers crossed that my run goes well. I haven’t set a distance for today yet, but it’s a little chilly and this is new to me, but runners run in crazy weather, so I need to suck it up 🙂

Have a great Saturday everyone!

❤️ Cristina

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