When I conduct meal prep I feel like my life is together

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Happy Sunday!

After a crazy week last week, I finally have some control over my days. Today I did some meal prep for the first half of the week. Lunches and dinners are prepared up until Wednesday. I may need to pick up some more produce, but I also have a sufficient amount of fruit to help supplement my food intake. Yesterday I made breakfast muffins, which might as well be coconut banana muffins. I tripled the batch because I had some ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and was able to make about 20 muffin. Bagged and in the fridge ready to be devoured!

Tomorrow I’m spending my morning doing some work in the gym :] And hopefully I won’t have to work tomorrow night so I can get my butt to Bikram in the evening too!

I’m going to really focus this week on getting back on track from the past two weeks of crazy and horrible eating. his is my plan for the next few days:


  • Morning Weights
  • Night Birkam class


  • Lunch run for endurance


  • Hour of Cardio
  • Food prep

This leads me to Day 13 of 100 Happy Days: Meal Prep.



This makes me feel like I have some control of my life, similar to making my bed every day. By making my meals ahead of time I know what I’m eating, I can get some extra sleep and I don’t need to panic about a meal a few hours from now. It’s all planned. #backontrack #paleo #100happydays #happinessdoesntcomeinajar #eathealthy #earnyourbreakfast

Have a great week!

<3 Cristina

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