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It’s all about numbers

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Short and sweet. Tonight’s post is all about the important numbers on mind.

5 weeks until my show. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m practically in disbelief. I have been busting my butt like crazy all summer.

23 pounds down. I can’t believe that since June 12th I’ve lost 23 pounds. I’m now a lover of heavy lifting and I will never be a cardio bunny again.

2 weeks until my boyfriend comes home. He lives 900 miles away and we get to see each other every few weeks. He’s supportive, but doesn’t completely understand that this show isn’t about beauty with weightloss, but strength and the ability to accomplish something powerful that many can’t do.

151 pounds. The weight I currently am.

145 pounds. The weight that I am determined to be in time for my show.

95 pounds. The amount of weight I will have lost when I hit 145 pounds as my new weight.

40 grams of fat I eat each day in order to burn fat.

140 grams of carbs I eat because I need fuel.

157 grams of protein I eat because my muscles need to rebuild once I tear them apart.

Cheers to kicking my ass for another 5 weeks. I can’t wait to post photos over the next few weeks!


<3 Cristina

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