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Why trying new foods is important to me during this time around

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During my last round of prep, I stuck to what I knew. I ate very clean, but macro counted, so I had my weekly Poptart Tuesday- if they fit. I usually made sure they did. This time around, I’m trying to be more adventurous with my food choices. In the grocery store I’m trying new brands, even if they’re a little more pricey than I would usually be willing to pay. When I see something interesting on Instagram, I usually comment and find out where they got the item and what they thought of it. My relationship with food has been a rocky one, and by making it fun and discovering new brands it keeps me in the mindset that food can be fun and helpful- it’s not meant to be hurtful.

Below are some of my recent finds.


I am a burrito bowl queen! Lately, I have been on a salsa kick too. I have been eating with my egg whites, on sandwiches (instead of condiments), and of course in burrito bowls. It’s low in calories, carbs and sodium. There’s no fat or protein in a serving, but the flavor is amazing. There’s no guilt in scooping out a little more than a serving. I’m new to this brand, but it was so chunky I had to get it!


These pitas are freaking amazing! They’re low carb, but high fiber. I’ve been using them for breakfast sandwiches. I also tried toasting one and made a breakfast pizza. They’re a perfect serving size and a great alternative to sandwich bread or wraps.


I’m a big tea drinker, but I never joined the bandwagon for loose leaf teas. I was in the store and I saw this tea and tea filters that the same company makes so you can easily enjoy their tea without a mess. I figured I didn’t need to buy something fancy from Tevana, so why not try it. The flavor is great and not overpowering. It smells amazing too. I can also use the filters for other teas as well :]


Last, but not least, Quest came out with a new flavor of protein bar, S’mores. Well, of course I needed to buy these to try them. I’ve heard so many good things about them already and they’ve barely been on the market. They came in the mail today and I have room in my macros for one tomorrow! I’ll definitely report back :]

There are a ton of other things I’ve tried lately like Cellucor’s Whey Protein. I actually have 5 of their flavors in the kitchen right now. They keep the cravings down and make baking interesting. I need to share my protein pancake glaze recipe! I’ll do that another night. Do you have any foods that you’ve discovered that you can’t live without now?


<3 Cristina

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