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week recap: 15 out of 84

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Holy cow this week went by so fast! I mean work flew by, my workout flew by and I can’t believe today starts Week 3 of BBG. 

Let’s quickly recap, shall we? 

I start the new week of BBG on Saturdays, but some fun events had me double my workouts on Sunday. However, my Saturday was eventful and putting together furniture is actually a pretty good workout. 

My friend Jess was coming over for breakfast food for lunch, so naturally I had lunch food for breakfast. 


A burger made sense because I followed it up at lunch time with…

Round one was cardio at the gym and because it was a gorgeous day and I was able to get my BBG workout done at the park. Seriously, best idea I’ve had in a while. Awesome view and the breeze was great while I was drenched and dying. 

There was new art added to the Art in Park exhibit… It was interesting. 

I started the work week right with Pancake Monday. I tried a new flavor: peppermint mocha by Stack’d pancakes, pretty tasty and even better topped by Sweet Spreads Mint Chhocolate coconutter 😍😍😍😍😍 When Monday morning breakfast is on point I know that’s going to start the week off right. 

I also bought a new notebook for my workouts… I mean yes, this got me pumped.

Needless to say my Monday night threw me through a loop, but with some good friends I got my butt to Zumba and put in a 2 miler run. From Monday on though, my week has been strong. We all have our ups and downs and having my support system has made the difference. 

Transformation Tuesday with bed head was on point.


Until I got to my workout and I had forgotten my shirt… I sucked it up and got my workout in anyway. This kind of triggered a string of “brave” events. 

It led to my post on being brave and I’m proud to say some of my friends have been sharing their brave moments. Here’s mine: 

Our bodies are all different and make changes at different paces. I’m prod to say I’m a little less fluffy that I was 3 weeks ago (see photo below)

I’m figuring out how to balance my food, my workouts, work and date night. In fact last night was date night and I’m really freaking proud of myself. I was in control and felt great after yummy food consumption. This was dessert and we split it and brought the other cupcake home. 

Well, time to get my butt moving. Week 3 legs I’m coming for you. 

<3 Cristina 

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