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We all have bumps in the road, it’s about how you get passed them that matters

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This week starts the 6th week with my trainer. My progress has been pretty steady and when I weighed myself in week 4 I was 152.8 pounds. I’m very excited about that number, but during week 5 I was traveling for work. I had a plan, but I also knew that it would be hard to stick to it completely because 1. traveling changes my eating schedule, which can make me miss my macros. 2. gym time is usually altered because I’m not in my home gym with everything necessary to complete my workouts. 3. I get truly exhausted traveling. It’s my favorite thing about my job, but it’s also the most tiring.

Last Wednesday, I traveled to the big apple! It’s only a few from where I live, but it’s not a place I get to visit often. I was staying in Times Square and I had researched my surroundings. Well, since arriving at 3 pm on Wednesday until I get back home to Worcester, I had walked almost 27 miles and had at least 50 different conversations; both for my job and with strangers in passing. My brain is tired and so is my body.

A few weeks ago I was in DC and it was an amazing trip, almost as tiring at NYC, but I was able to stick to my plan more there than I was last week. I felt great when I came home. I was confident in my eating and the workouts I completed in the hotel fitness center. This time around – not so much.

While there has definitely been progress, I’m not satisfied with my physique. I know I can do better, my food consumption could be cleaner and tighter, but at the same time I’m human and cupcakes exist. So do outside stressors that you can’t control. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions – my job, my boyfriend’s job, the holidays, and finding things to keep me busy. I joke about how I’m practically single because my boyfriend doesn’t live in the same state, but I almost find it harder to keep myself occupied or create opportunities for myself to stay busy. I’m not only a stress eater, but I’m a bored eater. I will try to nap or find something to do when I notice myself wanting to eat, but I’m not hungry. Last weekend I went to a paint nite event and unleasehed my true artist. It was a fun way to spend a few hours of my Sunday away from my apartment and now I have a painting on my living room wall.

Coming back from my work trip has not only left me exhausted, but slightly less motivated and bored and somehow overwhelmed. After getting a little bit of a push from my friend Sarah today, I got off my couch and ran some errands. I got some Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping done and I picked up some groceries for the week, but overall today was just a bad day. So was yesterday and I’m not super thrilled with Friday either, but I have Alaina.

I can email her and tell her that I need more help, and that’s what I did. I told her a little bit about what’s going on and I explained how I need her guidance this week in my meal planing so I stay on track. I told her what items I have bought and what I have on hand with the hopes that I don’t need to buy too many new items, but I also don’t mind running out to the store.Having her help come up with a consumption plan will keep me on track and get past this rough patch.

I took a break from the gym today, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow. This week is the last week of the second phase and I really am like the workouts. I feel more powerful in my lifts, alternating high and low reps has given me the ability to focus on form and lift heavier than I was before. I even PR’d last week with squats at 135 pounds. I’m really proud of that.

I think we all have days where we just feel crummy about how were doing in any aspect of our lives. There are days I don’t feel productive and some I feel like I accomplished everything in the world. This is just a hiccup, but it’s going to pass.

Here are some photos from my trip to New York last week. It really wasn’t that bad, I just need to figure out how to stick to my food plan on the next trip.

<3 Cristina

Times Square
Trinity Church
Charging Bull in the Financial District



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