Bikini Prep Check- In

A week in review – week 4

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This past week was a pretty awesome week all things considering. My water was on point, which has made me feel like a lean bean. My meals were fun and for this upcoming week I’ve been digging through some cookbooks to get some other ideas.

So here’s my week in review in photos!

Greek yogurt with granola – it only looks like a fancy dessert

I had the chance to enjoy some bread from a local bakery and it was amazing with an egg stuffed tomato


National Peanut Butter Day was a thing and of course I made sure to fit it in

Seeing more definition while I was working out this week made me feel confident that I will be successful this round of prep


I tried some new exercises and didn’t fall over :]

Oh hey, some back definition.


Ok, maybe I’m a little excited about some definition.

Transformation Tuesday reminded me that my wardrobe has drastically improved


Pancake Monday was a success and I finished a bag of mix, which means I could open a new flavor

I found some new yogurt flavors and they help fill the void that I wish I could fill with all the pastries in the world


I never thought I was an athlete, but I do now. I’ll do whatever it takes.

I made a post about what athletes actually look like and people could relate.

I stopped by to admire and buy peanut butter in Rhode Island.


I was also reminded that I hold onto clothes, well I hold onto sweatpants.


I worked on my posing, a pretty good use of my lunch hour if I saw so myself.

My check in was a day early, but I’m really excited about my progress. I’m seeing new lines, which is kind of cool and my butt isn’t looking too bad.

As good as my photos for check in, I was down another .4 pounds for a total loss of 3.8 as of 1/28/16

I found, bought and made some protein brownie mix. I may have paired it with yogurt and Nuts n More and Walden Farms chocolate sauce. It was an amazing dessert alternative and I can’t wait to have more of these as prep continues.

I was also told by my coach that I’m trying out a refeed tomorrow. At first I was nervous because I’ve never purposely consumed more than necessary. Then I went through the OMG what will I make phase because a refeed is an increase in carbohydrates for the day and that means I can eat a lot of different things that I usually can’t. Third, I consulted a friend and tomorrow’s menu looks freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait to blog about it.

Part of the refeed is to weight myself today, tomorrow – during the refeed day and Monday after the refeed, to see how my body handles it. I weighed in at 145.8, so .4 lower than I was on Thursday, which means the loss for the week was really .8 pounds. I can’t believe that was the number on the scale, that’s a 4.2 loss in 4 weeks. The last time I was this weight was my sophomore year of college in 2008. That’s nuts!

Moving on…

Refeeds aren’t for everyone, but I’m really excited to see how my body responds to it and also for the French toast that I have planned for brunch! If it goes well, there will be more refeeds during prep, which means the possibility of more French toast.

So week 4 is over and I have 12 more weeks of prep. Bring on the crazy, the cardio and the rush that will come as the stage day gets closer!

<3 Cristina

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