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Week recap post-Monday’s binge and thoughts going forward

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Here’s a link to Tuesday’s blog post to elaborate more what I talk about in the video.

Some of my ideas to combat these urges are:

  1. take a nap
  2. go for a run or go to the gym

if these aren’t possible, then I’m going to try:

  1. taking a break and reading a book; either a few pages or a chapter. I have bought a new book and it’s something I can keep in my purse.
  2. go for a walk, I work in an area where going for a walk will be pretty easy. I can set an alarm for 10 or 15 minutes.
  3. find a podcast, video or put on some music. I did try to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but maybe searching for something will also take off some of the edge.

I don’t see this as a set back, but as a learning experience. Something to help me figure out new strategies for how to better handle my emotions. What are some of the ways you cope with your emotions that don’t include food?


<3 Cristina

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