Found: You Fresh Naturals Carrot Cake Almond and Coconut Muscle Butter 

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Over the weekend, I stopped by Vitamin Shoppe because they had a huge sale going on store wide. Sales are truly the best time to try new products. High protein nut butter is something that I see as an investment. A jar has a lot of servings and I better like it if I’m investing in a jar for myself. On the market there are a ton of brands and with each brand come a million flavors.

Here are some of the brands I’ve tried:

  • Nuts n More
  • D’s Naturals
  • Sweet Spreads
  • Buff Bake
  • You Fresh Naturals

Some specialize in a specific nut butter like Sweet spreads  – they specialize in cashew butter. Others have a variety of peanut or almond butters. I do not discriminate against nut butter and I buy from a lot of brands. This sale allowed me to purchase two new brands and flavors that I had been hesitant on acquiring.

This morning I topped my carrot spice protein pancakes with You Fresh Naturals Carrot Cake flavored Almond and Coconut spread. it was awesome. If you like almond butter then you will definitely like this. It’s pretty much the same consistency of almond butter, but there’s a hint of coconut. Since the flavor is carrot cake, there are pieces of pecans in it! Which I love and thought was a nice addition for some crunch.

Nutritionally, the macro nutrients are pretty good for a serving (see photo below). If you eat Nuts n More, they are about the same for macros so it’s just a matter of deciding on the flavor you need to bring into your life.

This brand has a number of flavors and because I’ve been cupcaking a lot lately, this one was fitting. I can’t wait to try other flavors when this one is gone even though I’m sure I will have a hole in my heart from the emptiness of the jar.

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