Post-op: 2 days out

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While I do yell at technology when it isn’t responding or working the way I want it to, I do appreciate the accessibility from my bed. This is the second day post-surgery and I’m feeling pretty good. It could be the drugs, it could be that reality is setting in, there’s a chance it’s because I don’t need to have any other cares in the world for the next two weeks. Many say the first few days are the worst and I would have to say that the first day (yesterday) was the worst. 

The pain was awful, but not just at the incision sites, my back was very sore because all I could do was lay on my back. I had also gone to the chiropractor on Wednesday prior to surgery and she had to put a left rib back in place. So truly I am a mess and all my doctors know it. However, I have since been told I can lay on my side, but I need to be on my back for sleeping purposes. I don’t think I will ever be so excited to see my chiropractor as much as I will in June after recovery. 

Yesterday, overall, I was pretty damn scared to move because between swelling and the tightness of the compression wear, I didn’t have a lot of mobility and I feared I was going to pull something or ruin something. I also didn’t fully put my trust in JP when he was assisting me. That is super important and I think today we have a better handle on it.

Can you tell that I freak out when I have no control? Yeah, I thought so too. 

Anyway, I was able to eat yesterday without an issue,  but I also did a lot of sleeping as well so my macros weren’t perfect, but that’s not necessarily the goal. I believe the almond croissant that JP brought me from our favorite bread place helped me come close to my carb and fat goals. Yay tasty carbs for the win! 

Prior to surgery, we had a loose eating plan so that JP would be able to give me specific things throughout the day, but could also wing it when necessary. So dinner last night was a tuna melt wrap: mine was stuffed with Mexican cheddar blend cheese, plain Greek yogurt and jalapeños. This kid knows me well to know that anything less than a handful is a joke. But this morning eggs and fruit were planned. So even though I haven’t had much of appetite, I do know that I need to keep myself fueled up. Thankfully, I haven’t experience nausea, so eating just out survival is working for me. 

My surgeon’s office sent an RN to my apartment last night to check on me, change my dressings and go over a few basics. Turns out I also had a low fever of 100.2, this was a concern for the nurse, which is understandable because infection after this kind of surgery is dangerous. But yesterday was a warm day and I live in a 3rd floor walk up… So yeah. My heart rate was also elevated, but between being scared, drugged and in between naps I’m not surprised. I did struggle with my water a bit and mostly because if I was awake I was eating and then rolling back over to go to bed. The drugs made my vision slightly blurry and just sleepy overall, so writing/texting wasn’t easy at all. I have only been taking one pain pill every 4-6 hours as necessary, however, before bed I’m taking 2 with a Xanax to help me sleep. The surgeon has now told me to take two pain pills every 4-6 hours. JP has been writing down the times when I’m taking any medications so we can track what I need and what I don’t. This also goes for emptying my drains. Trust me, I know that’s disgusting, but it’s parts of the process and it helps prevent infection, so we’re just trying to follow the instructions given to us. 

The positives, however, outweigh some of the negatives. 

  1. I have been able to confidently get out of bed to use the bathroom. However, we’re still working on getting my bowels to move (yeah I know, but everyone poops).
  2. I walked to the kitchen to explain breakfast to JP. I also walked to watched him open up the papaya.
  3. I can sit up a tiny bit, which is perfect because I’m not supposed to sit up too high or too often. So just a little bit works for me.
  4. I have been able to eat, many experience nausea and while Thursday was a roller coaster of nausea, yesterday and so far today haven’t been that way at all. 
  5. I took a peak at my tummy when the nurse was here and it’s very flat, it’s weird and my belly button is slightly awkward, but I’m in one piece and that matters. 

It’ll be exciting to take photos on Tuesday during my first post-op. I told JP I don’t want to take photos or really see myself until I see the doctor on Tuesday. Mostly, because taking this garment off is going to be a pain in the ass, but I also don’t want to get a warped vision of myself if there’s still swelling. Also, Tuesday is the first day I can shower. You don’t want to see dirty Cristina, it’s kind of grotty. JP has helped me get most of the iodine off my chest with rubbing alcohol and assisted with washing my face, it’s not my idea of fun, nor his, but he has been a huge trooper these first few days. My braids have been holding up pretty well, they’re a little frizzy, but French braids were much better than doing nothing to my hair. So I would recommend to anyone that will be having a surgery where they won’t be able to wash or take care of themselves get your hair braided. It keeps it out of your face and it’s less likely to get ridiculously tangled.

Aside, from playing Go Fish in bed this morning and kicking JP’s ass in the first round, today has been pretty low key. My friend Jules came over to make lunch so that JP could go see some family. I know this is a lot to take on alone and I am reminded that I have some amazing friends that are willing to step in if we need it. Jules had no problems making lunch and hanging out with me while he escaped for a few hours. It was also nice to have some girl talk time; it was long overdue. 

So here’s a few photos from the past two days. I’m trying to not go stir crazy!  We’ve been watching movies and playing card games in bed and it’s helping, but that can only do so much! 

❤️ Cristina 

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