Full Day of Eating: week 4 of the reverse diet

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I get asked all the time what I eat, how much, what are my macros. My response is usually “have you looked at my Instagram page? I post tons of food pictures!” My second response is “whatever fits my macros.” My third answer is usually “I don’t share my numbers because they’re not going to work for you and I don’t need to be judged on how much or how little other people think I’m eating. I’m not starving, thanks.”

Well, maybe this post will give you an idea of how flexible I am with my food in a given day. So this is everything I’m eating. It’s Waffle Wednesday and I have some tasty things planned for myself, at least I think I do.

Breakfast: 5:57 am

Dark chocolate waffles using 1/2 cup of Kodiak Dark Chocolate Power Cake Mix + 1 egg white.

Topping: 1T of D’s Naturals Tiramisu Peanut Butter + Walden Farms Pancake Syrup and Fat Free Whip Cream and sprinkles.

Side items: 40g of raspberries + 3/4 cup of egg whites.

In my cup: Chocolate Truffle coffee + 1T of Italian Sweet Cream.

Total Macros: 13f | 38c | 42p

Snack 1: 9:48 am

2.1 ounces of coriander raisin bread from Birchtree Bread Company (locally owned).

Topping: 2T of Fat Fee Cream Cheese and Pumpkin Spice Sugar blend

Total Macros: 2f | 32c | 8p

*macros for bread were estimated looking at nutritional information for similar breads. See this post for how to estimate macros on local products.

Lunch 11:57 am

1/2 cup oats +1/2 cup of water + 2 tablespoons of Sugar Free Strawberry Jam + splash of vanilla extract and cinnamon

Topping: 50g of fresh sliced strawberries

Total Macros: 3f | 41c | 5p

Snack 2: 2:06 pm

2 ounces of steak + 37g of sweet potato with pumpkin spice + 104g of Brussels sprouts

Total Macros: 8f | 40c | 17p

Dinner: 6:04 pm

5.82 ounce Lemon Pepper Panko chicken cutlet from the meat counter topped with 6g of Sriracha mayo + 100g of roasted asparagus with a little cooking spray and salt

Total Macros: 15f | 15c | 35p

Dessert: 8:15 pm

Vanilla Forte Protein Gelato Cup topped with Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce + Snack Pack Nutter Butter + Fat Free Whip Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles

Total Macros: 8f | 40c | 17p 

Total macros for the day: 45/45f | 184/185c | 124/125p – so 0f | 1c | 1p left for the day. My Fitness Pal breakfown below. 

Variety of fruits and veggies consumed: 5 

Water in ounces: 192 ounces

Other drinks: 1 can of diet Ginger ale, 12 ounces cup of coffee 

Again, please keep in mind I am reversing to maintenance still. While I was initially reversing after cometition the first of May, macros were adjusted for zero activity/appetite during my initial recovery after surgery. I have been reversing for 3.5 weeks at this point and because last week was such a crazy week with the move I asked to keep my macros the same and see how I handle the nutrition before increasing again. 

This post is to give people an idea of how flexible I am with my nutrition plan, it is not an opportunity to tell me to eat more or less or differently. We all have different eating style and this works for me as you can see from my results. 

If you have questions that CAN’T be answered by the links in the education tab feel free to email me at
<3 Cristina 

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