Week in Review: The Final Week of the Reverse Diet 

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Yesterday closed out the end of an era – the close of the 7th week of my reverse diet post-surgery. I’ve mentioned before that I started a reverse diet into maintenance as soon as the Cutler was finished, but my surgery was scheduled for 3.5 weeks into it. While I was on bed rest my macros were adjusted to 1. the amount of movement I would be doing and 2. the amount of food that I could handle. My appetite wasn’t truly lost, but a few medications prescribed made me feel nauseous. I also had more nap times than a kindergarten. At 13 days post-surgery I was cleared to go back to the gym and start incorporating upper body lifting. We started increasing my nutrition at this point.

Yesterday when I did my photos and documentation for my start of prep, I weighed in at 127.2 and had been consuming 50F/210C/125P. To start prep I have adjusted my macros to 50F/210C/135P. I increased protein because it keeps me full and I also like protein. Many use .8g to 1.0g of protein per pound they weigh, but you can go up to 1.5g of protein per pound you weigh depending on your goals.There is a lot of conflicting information about protein consumption and what you should consume. All the articles I have read, have said that protein is helpful for weightloss in general and that the lower your daily calories the higher the percentage should be dedicated to protein. The articles also talk about the importance of protein for muscle recovery and muscle loss prevention.The only definitive answer I have found about protein consumption is  from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – 10 to 35% of calories should be dedicated to protein and factors to determine can include: age, gender and activity level. So yeah, I increased protein for the upcoming week because I think my body won’t mind and my activity level is changing.

So here’s a brief recap of last week. I think I had a pretty good time with my meals and I’m excited to see what I can do this week and the 12 succeeding it. Bring on the cut!

<3 Cristina


The most excellent of Target finds!
First outdoor run of the summer and since surgery
Bella got a new dress!
We went and saw Finding Dory
Post-Movie Fro-Yo was a success
Sock game strong
Vascularity coming through!


Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake
Drinks with dinner
Waffle Wednesday was glorious
I worked on some posing
And had to make sure my butt still looked okay
I finished another pint of Halo Top and Keebler helped make it awesome with Birthday Cake Cookies
Because carbs are life
The last cupcake
I thought it was vanilla, nope -angel food and strawberry
Sprints were on point: 7:30 average pace
Some new goodies and some old goodies


I went to Tower Hill for the first time and saw the gardens
May have enjoyed this grilled cheese and bacon more than I should have
The weigh in before prep
It’s like the abs want to come out

Lenny and Larry stuffed with Forte Gelato ches make every thing better
That new FitJoy bar tastes like peanut butter fudge
Bell was questioning the statues around the garden
I tried a roasted asparagus and feta salad
Bella helped me eat this sugar cookie from the farmer’s market


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