We rudely interrupt your programming…

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Ignore the haters they say. They’ll go away eventually. 

Then you have those who actively will email you while you’re pleasantly sleeping and dreaming about leg day 

It’s not an exaggeration that I get some pretty mean and nasty messages. So here’s one I saw during my morning pre-leg walk. 


<3 Cristina 


9 thoughts on “We rudely interrupt your programming…”

  1. This just screams misery loves company!

    Here’s the message in a nutshell:
    “I have such an awesome successful “real life” that I read just about everything you post and I need to send you this long and completely useless word-fart email. Also, my breath smells like crap because I spew this kind of diarrhea out of mouth at people all day because I’m so great. Seriously, you should go back in time, be born just like me, do everything I do, and we’ll all just see how great it’ll be here in my mom’s basement, oh, err, I mean my house that I bought!”

    I’m sorry you have to deal with people that think the anonymity of the internet makes it OK to talk to other people like this. Coward, that’s what I see. They could NEVER say this in “real life”… Because they’d constantly have a broken nose! Lol

    Sending love and encouragement to stay healthy and keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. I’m sitting here at my desk with my jaw to the floor. I cannot comprehend the “why”. What a douche! I hope he reads this and sees what an asshole he is.

    1. Well, Yami and I talked about the comments that we both get. I have received some mean messages, but I’ve never had someone send something to my blog’s email before. It takes a special kind of person to take the time to do that. But now I’m doing a giveaway on IG asking followers to post a photo they don’t like and share positives that can’t be seen by looking at the photo. I’ve already gotten some amazing messages and entries!

  3. Seriously this guy seems like a real tool. Anyone who is a fitness enthusiast would be doing backflips over your progress and dedication. Uhm. Duh, I shouldn’t have gotten fat in the first place, either. But hey… I did. And now I’m not. I don’t understand how people can put others down that way. A) you’re transformation is AMAZING. B) pretty sure we went to high school together. 3) you have a new follower. I can always use more inspiration!!

  4. Wowowow. That’s a level of vitriol I haven’t seen on the Internet for a long time. One must wonder just how insecure a person has to be to feel the need to send something like that to another human being. Wow. Just… wow.

    1. This has been pretty much the response from everyone who has looked at this post. I know JP was upset for me and a few of my friends reached back to me after I shared this. I think cyber bullying is a bigger thing among adults than we talk about. I haven’t responded to this email, but I thought it was important for others to see what happens when someone has a lot of hate and jealousy in their heart.

  5. Holy shit. What a turd. I’m a total stalker of your page and IG bc I find you real and inspirational and you’ve turned me on to some yummy foods (um hello egg white bowls!!!). Anyways, I felt compelled to comment bc I’m in shock someone would take the time to be such a piece of poo. Ugh. Keep on rocking it. This dude is just miserable.

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