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This Above All: #6 “Celebrate Everyday”

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Yesterday I started writing this and it did start out like this:

It’s Sunday and I’m taking a break from planning my week. JP isn’t home and it’s easy to sit down and write without distraction.

Then JP came home and I was easily distracted by grocery shopping, making dinner and preparing my meals for the week.

On Saturday, I went to the Supergym for a Women’s Day event that was organized by IFBB Pro Jamie Pinder. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was glad that I had the chance to do it with friends. Not well-known friends, but two women who are like-minded and we were going to be immersed in a room with others like us.

I met Kolbie and Jess online through Instagram. I had been following both of them for a really long time before I had ever talked with either of them, but in the past few months I’ve met them both in person and wished I had done it sooner.

While I was on leave, one thing I did to find my zero again was to connect with people around me that I felt had an energy I wanted in my life. I know that sounds very hippy dippy and that’s totally fine, but I wanted to connect with people that had goals and dreams, either like mine or totally different, but people who had a direction. I wanted to hear stories and maybe find myself by finding these other people.

Jess and Kolbie are two people that made me feel clarity. They don’t know they did that, but they did.

Gala Darling was one of the presenters on Saturday. Her ability to apply eyelashes will make you question why you can’t do that perfectly, but more importantly her list of 10 commandments of radical self love will make you clap, nod and reflect on yourself.

So number #6 of her commandments that she presented us is to celebrate everyday.

I don’t truly know if Gala has in mind what I’m going to write down, but this is how I interpret it.

I cried a lot this fall. But today and yesterday and last week, all I can think is I needed to fall apart so everything else could come together.

Yesterday, I celebrated JP as a distraction because I can’t imagine not living with him. 915 miles between us for two years was too much. So while he frustrates me during meal prep and wants me to snuggle him after breakfast, when I’m ready to get my day started, I don’t want to not live with him.

Saturday was celebrated with all of my days meals and snacks packed in a bag and eaten cold as I learned and heard the stories of strangers. It continued as I learned quirks about new friends and enjoyed a car ride snuggled in a Volkswagen Beatle.

I learned that Kolbie’s perfectly applied make up was learned from watching YouTube videos, which gives me hope that the next time I contour my face it won’t look like a child played with finger paint.

I’m in awe at the patience Jess has as she’s bulking so she can compete in figure – or at least the patience she gives off. I’m not only impatient, but I don’t know if I would be able to handle pushing myself to that limit or the mindset it takes to truly be bulking.

I finally know someone who uses the cinnamon at Starbucks in their coffee… Kolbie.

I’ve been seeking a reason to smile every day, not necessarily the whole day, but at least for a few minutes. Most days I find something small – JP making Starbucks reserve perfectly without me needing to add much water to dilute the dark roast or learning something new. Sometimes something big makes me smile or makes me cry at the same time, like a client texting or call me to tell me something about their day.

Opening the store the other morning on my own, correctly, made me smile. It’s small and I know some people are just going to say, well it’s just retail, but it made me feel good about taking on a new job. It’s a position I’ve never been in before and doing something new is always scary, until you’ve had enough practice.

I’m not thrilled about my course book costs, but I am excited to get started and be able to add something meaningful that will help me  in so many ways, but more importantly help me as I assist others.

Not every day is going to be amazing, I think we know that, but we expect it to be. Maybe collecting a lot of silver linings can get us through the tough times, and finding joy in daily things that aren’t necessarily extraordinary will make us see the world differently.

Kolbie said it best “we all need to be better at reflecting on ourselves” and I think that’s what celebrating everyday is about. Reflecting on the choices we’re making and how those impact us or those around us. Find excitement in the progress you are able to make and  continue to move forward.

Celebrating the good is important, but recognizing and celebrating how we grow from the bad is equally important.

Through frustrations we can discover our true strength.

I’m going to celebrate today by getting the most out of it, by trying to have slight tunnel vision with my goals, but also reaching out when appropriate.

 “Are you hungry yet?” A collective yes and we sat on the stage to eat our cold packed meals.

<3 Cristina

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