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This Above All: Everyone Knows The Rules

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JP introduced me to Barstool Sports a few years ago when we first started dating. The content they create ranges – widely ranges. However, one thing that has stuck with us is a segment that El Pres does often called The One Bite.

As you imagine from the title he takes a bite and does a review…well, not quite. The point of the segment is to taste test pizza in Manhattan where their headquartered. He goes to a place and gets a slice, but the rule is one bite and give it a score out of 10. In most segments he repeatedly takes large bites while shouting “one bite, everyone knows the rules.”

For no reason at all, I think these are hilarious and it makes me want to do it with doughnuts, except you don’t waste a good doughnut by only taking one bite.

I’m pretty sure JP and I have adapted this for more things than we really should. Including today.

We were driving in the car, heading to his parents house for the weekend and I told him how I had talked to a friend and the crap that has been happening online.


I know some of you are wondering why I haven’t posted and some have reached out saying you completely understand. Well, for clarity, this isn’t about trolls. This is about how in depth some of the harassment has become. We all know that trolls are fake accounts posting ridiculous comments across the Internet. It’s not just Instagram, it’s Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. But what you don’t understand or realize is that aside from the 20+ accounts and more comments I delete and block on a daily basis, there have been comments that are using information I haven’t provided to you at all. Information that predates my use of Instagram.

The kind of information that says that 1. the person is doing their research by trying to find other social media platforms that are personal or 2. they know me.

Regardless, it’s kind of pathetic, but pretty damn scary at the same time.

That’s what set me off yesterday, not the Easter comment, which was the dumbest thing ever because I would love to see a family that has a normal meal where there isn’t something special for one person. After I finished a live session of ranting, someone started commenting with an account using a name of a family member of JP’s that we’ve NEVER EVER MENTIONED BEFORE.


They said they missed the live session, but then started commenting things I had mentioned in the live session… you good sir, are a dumbass. #BLOCKED

That’s crazy and creepy and honestly, it really does beg the question, who needs therapy more: me or them?

Anyway, back to the car.

My friend said that women should be empowering other women. JP smiled and said, “No, it’s empower her to her face and talk shit about her on the Internet,  everyone knows the rules.”

He has a point.

Is that the rule now? Pretend that you’re excited or happy for someone, but it actually burns you up?

There’s a level of jealousy I think everyone has, myself included. I’ve found myself wishing for fancy vacations or city living, but I also know what my circumstances are and I don’t necessarily know what affords someone else their opportunities.

You get what you earn, you get what you work hard for.

I share my journey because as I’ve said a million times, I want others see what they can achieve if they dream big and put in the work and give themselves time. My account didn’t start that way. It’s still my personal account, but it’s changed as my life has changed. I’m sure it’ll change a little bit in the after-competing life too.

I don’t find myself very inspiring because of my progress. Anyone can lose weight. I do find how people set goals and create plans for themselves to be inspiring and maybe that’s how some of you see me. I’m setting goals I want to be setting,  I’m creating a plan and timeline and going full speed ahead.

In some of the messages I’ve received I’ve been told I’m a leader and role model – things I never thought to categorize myself as, but I do believe a leader pushes a group of people to be better and reach their potential by helping them, not by telling them what to do. I want to always be learning new things and experimenting to find what works for me versus finding what’s trendy. I want others to be fearless in this way too.

I said it earlier this week. I’m excited for April, it’s going to be a good month. Good things are happening, even when bad things are too. What fun would it be if there wasn’t a challenge thrown your way?

This break isn’t about letting the trolls win because they’re losing the moment they try to become keyboard warriors instead of hitting the gym or stepping on stage. They are losing the moment they decided that someone else loving life means that they can’t love theirs. They are losing the moment they start throwing around words to bring people down to the dirt where they are rolling around.

I’m allowed to be frustrated because this much hate shouldn’t be in the world, not at at this level, not towards me or anyone like me trying to better themselves or show others they can do the same.

If you’re going to hate, why don’t you hate the real injustices that occur every day like unequal pay for women or the cost of education. Why does there need to be hate because someone lost weight, is eating what she likes even if it’s weird, is competing on a stage you don’t have balls to step on and is in a relationship where the man she loves equally loves her back even with all her flaws? If that shit isn’t jealousy, I don’t know what is.

Take your hate and put it to good use.

But if you are going to spew hate, at least put your money where your mouth is and show what things you’ve done lately to make the world a better place?

Show me yours, I’ve already shown you mine. Everyone knows the rules.

<3 Cristina