Running on Quotes

Day 145, Movie Quote 12: “I didn’t know pizza places made motors.”

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It’s been feeling like vacation all week even though it’s not vacation at all.

I guess that’s the magic of going from a busy schedule to a less busy schedule.

This week I’ve gone to work and fieldwork – which is more like volunteering now since I’m not required to finish out the initial hours. I’ve gone to the gym and I’ve run twice. Granted the runs were only a mile each, but I had time to get dressed and lace up.

I’ve been in bed around 9 each night, which really makes a difference in my day.

While I have a summer class, I enjoy the reading and it’s all writing assignments. I love torture, I love writing assignments.

This three day weekend is actually going to feel like a vacation even though I’m bringing some reading along with me. I can’t remember the last time a weekend felt like a vacation.

While JP’s parents are out at the Cape we’re taking over the house.

He’s going to work on building the motorcyle and some other car projects. I’m going to work on two assignments I have for class.

We’re bringing some fancy clothes because we may go out for date night near the water, but we may also grill.

The only food decisions we’ve committed to so far are:

  • Bringing the rest of the raw broccoli that’s in our fridge so it doesn’t go bad
  • Bringing some protein bars because we plan on going to the gym and running over the weekend and his parents don’t eat snacks like we do
  • Go out to a new cafe of some kind

I know it sounds silly to say that you’re planning to be spontaneous, but I’ve planned a few things so that I can be spontaneous and feel good about those choices. Honestly, having a plan of some kind even if it’s not perfect makes me feel better.

Like, I’m planning to get my homework assignments done on Saturday mid-morning while he works on the cars so that we can do whatever we want in the afternoon together without me feeling like I should be stuck in front of my computer. I’m planning on finishing my writing so that I don’t think about initial submission next week – I can just work on finalization.

Saturday also starts the fifth week of my lifting program and since I’ve been trying to be more consistent I do plan on working out over the weekend when I have some time to myself. I.e. while JP is playing with the cars.

A few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I restarted PH3. I’ve done the program before and I like the structure, however, I have changed up some of the hypertrophy. I’ve made sure to continue to target the muscle groups and have similar movements, but sometimes I want to do good mornings and stiff leg deadlifts over leg curls – so I’m letting myself that flexibility.

The program is divided into four segments. The first segment is four weeks long and I finished that yesterday with AMRAP to determine new maxes.

I feel really good about what I accomplished in the past four weeks. It was different than what the past eight or nine months have been like so it was like a reintroduction to routine and structured lifting.

I was appropriately sore at times and feeling like I could do more other times.

My old 1RM for my back squat was at 205, but since I haven’t lifted in this way in a long time, I decreased the number to 190 so I could work within percentages of it. I knew that 190 would be very difficult to hit, but I also knew if I tried to just restart completely and go to 100 I would do myself a disservice by not pushing hard enough. The heaviest percentage lifted so far has been 87.5% which was 165 pounds. That day it felt good. It didn’t feel heavy. But when I did testing yesterday 160 pounds felt slightly heavy and I could feel myself leaning forward too much.

Each day is unique and there are so many factors that impact your workout. I got six reps for 160 pounds which calculated a 1RM of 185 – so close to the guesstimate that I made of 190.

My bench sucked, but my bench isn’t something I’m concerned about. I’m more concerned with the mobility and flexibility in my shoulders. My range of motion isn’t very good in my left shoulder and that’s something I’m working on.

My deadlift improved the most. I’ve been focusing on a flatter back, pulling up without overextending my lower back. I’ve played with tempo a little bit too, but nothing crazy. My old 1RM was 155 and after yesterday’s lift it was calculated at 165.

I’m excited to work within that.

Maybe it feels like vacation because everything feels calm. Everything feels like it’s finding its place. When timing is right, it feels right.

To fill some of extra free time, we started watching the Fast and Furious series again… a movie each night. We actually have two copies of the series because we each own the movies.

JP has also been walking around quoting Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor. I’ve been asking a million car questions. 

Our talks have shifted from chemistry to political science and the U.S. constitution – I think we’re both going to learn a lot these next six weeks while I take U.S. Government.

We’ve talked about houses. We’ve talked about cars. We’ve talked about vacations and parties and the next 5K.

This is magic.

The balance of being busy with work – inside and outside of the house, being active and having some time to make last minute decisions is the kind of balance I’ve been striving for.

I don’t feel defeated or like the list is never going to get done.

I feel good about eating frozen pizza on a Thursday at 8 pm after a run. #thingsIneverthoughtIwouldsay

I’m ready for everything else. I’m ready for what’s next.

<3 Cristina