It's Your Turn

It’s Your Turn Series Part 2: “An Open Letter”

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

I’ve written letters to myself in my journal and I always start with Dear Cristina. I want it to be personal.

So, if I was to write a letter to you – to all the peopleout there who feel burdened with grief, who feel less than, who are struggling to stay afloat and navigate the harsh waters of their reality, I would start with Dear Loved One.

I want it to be personal. I want you to feel the hug in my words.

Dear. Loved. One.

Dear Loved One,

We all have baggage.

I don’t know if we’re carrying it from a previous life, or if maybe it’s from the one we’re living right now, but regardless we all packed too much.

This doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to feel this weight, but know that there are others around you who may be able to support you when you feel alone. They can give you a hand when it feels too heavy.

I know that asking for help is hard. It makes you feel like you’re incapable of holding up the world, but even Atlas became tired from holding up the heavens.

Loved One, I’m sorry that you feel more than others, but that burden is also your superpower. It gives you compassion and empathy – those are superpowers.

Maybe it won’t be in this lifetime, but I hope in the next that you are able to conquer each day fully, with a high head and a full heart. I hope that your glass never holds less than half and that while you fill others you are filling yourself.

Loved One, you can do great things, but you need to let yourself do them in your own time. Rushing only burns us out and ultimately slows us down.

Loved One, I want to see the world through your eyes, and have your words guide me.

Maybe I’ll find a place that makes sense for me to join you on your path – even Dorothy had friends along the yellow brick road.

As long as you need it, and the invitation is extended – I will be here to help you light the way.

Here’s my hand, it’s your turn to decide.



I’ve invited a few people that I’ve connected with over the years through social media to write parts of their story to share here. Everyone has a story and while we may not feel the exact same things as each other, we can lend a piece of our heart and mind as we all continue on our adventures. 

<3 Cristina