Running on Quotes

Day 365, Quote 45: The End

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dear Cristina,

I hope you’re well. By the time you’re reading this you’ve already survived your first year in your 30s. It wasn’t so scary, right? That’s kind of my hope, that it was less scary than you thought it could be even though you didn’t want to admit it.

But don’t grow up too fast. I know you want to because we have always said that someday… But Cristina, someday can be today – so don’t grow up too fast.

I want you to know that you are the love of my life and I never thought I would get a chance to find that.

I know for many they seek an external love, and yes, I believe we’ve found that too, but for me, for us, I have always wanted to be satisfied and feel love inside.

I’m sitting here writing this and memories of third grade flood my head, screams from fifth grade, tears from tenth grade and sobs from twelfth. I never thought I would see 30, but I am so glad that I have lived to see what love and greatness can look like. I am so glad that you have started to come into your own and you are owning it.

As you read this, please think back on the year and write down everything you’ve accomplished – ignore the things that are still to be done for a moment. Count them. Count them again.

In this moment, as I’m thinking ahead, and part of me is exhausted thinking of what we will be facing this year – what you have faced this year. But part of me is excited because it’s filled with possibility and that’s what I’ve always wanted for you – endless possibility.

I’m tearing up thinking about what you’ve done in the past two years, and how we got here. Did you think we would? Now add a year because more time has passed as you reread this note, can you believe this is where you are?

Good things come to those who work hard, not wait – because there is no good time to take action so waiting is useless.

Keep building doorways, and rooms, and houses – don’t wait to just find a door that you may fit, just build your own.

Remember that it’s okay that people will think you’re crazy, but it’s because they don’t dare to dream so big.

People will still misunderstand your words and your purpose – and it’s frustrating, but it’s ok. You just keep going. Keep looking passed that. Look for the light.

Cristina, my hope for you is that you can look back on what you’ve done and feel relief and look at everything that has yet to be realized and not be discouraged. You only truly fail when you stop working, when you stop trying and you say you can’t.

So many things have happened so far my dear and if you open your arms wider, love a little louder, talk a little kinder and refocus your energy – the whole world can be yours.

I love you today. I love you tomorrow. I’ll love you forever.