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Growth will look different for us all

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It’s been about a month since I sat down and wrote here. I feel like I’ve finally got my footing with my new routine, which is what I had shared about last month.

Same goals, but changing up the structure. We evolve, why shouldn’t our methods and routine?

I’m finding that I’ve been able to let go of a few things a bit easier and that’s made the days smoother. It’s also helped me stay accountable to what I truly want, which is a question that I ask myself a lot.

What do I want and why?

Like so many, I can see the success of others and get intimidated. It’s not that their accomplishments diminish mine, but sometimes I see them and think – yes, I want that. These are the moments that I’ve been trying to catch so I can have a talk with myself and explore why.

The answer is what helps us figure out what direction to go in.

I think it’s beneficial to try things – you never know what an outcome will be until you try. I also think failing is good because it teaches us something.

You either learn a new way to continue to move toward the goal or you learn that the goal or outcome isn’t what you truly wanted. You may also learn that it’s something you do want, but the timing isn’t right and you need to step back. All are completely acceptable answers.

So what do I want and why.

Since class started last week, I will try to give myself some grace that there will be long days that feel very long. The counter thought: The long days won’t last forever. This acceptance will make those long days feel more welcome rather than lead to burn out.

In this space, I’m working on updating some posts – reflecting on language I’ve used in the past and see if it still aligns with me.

Big change – no more nutritional value or caloric information in recipes I post.

This doesn’t align with me and it honestly hasn’t in a very long time. This also means I’m working on more educational posts with the basics so you can figure that out on your own if that’s what aligns with your ideas of your health journey right now.

Over the next few months, I’d like to write a handful of posts for the blog because I love this space and it’s a place to expand on ideas and educate, but it’s also a space that takes time. By being specific, I’m promising myself that I won’t spread myself thin.

I also know that many are visual learners who want the information now, but I’m not interested in TikTok or Instagram Reels. I will definitely make sure that I reshare that kind of information and content when I find someone who I trust that can help you more than I can in those topics.

I want to get back to writing for the newsletter – I know I bit off more than I could chew because I had this expectation in my head of what I wanted it to be. I’m sure some of you have done that too – you had an idea and like a sponge it kept growing. It almost exploded, which is why I paused. However, going over drafts and writing in different outlets, I’ve thought of some ways that I can use that space more efficiently, while still accomplishing the goal: educating others so that they can make the best choices possible for themselves.

Actionable items: update and edit posts that no longer fit this space, a handful of blog posts, incorporate the newsletter in a helpful timeline, continue to introduce and share other professionals who are also content creators on other platforms.

I love what I do as a health coach because through this work I’m constantly challenging myself to grow as I challenge my clients to think critically too. Remember growth isn’t comfortable, growth may be intertwined with repeating yourself over and over until you finally take those steps forward in action, growth may be standing still for a while and being accepting of it.

Growth will look different for us all.

While the trees lose their leaves, I’m ready grow.