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Give me your hand

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I’ve thought about how I want to write this post for a few weeks, and the truth is I do and I don’t want to write it.

I think we can all agree that change is hard. It’s exciting, but it’s hard. The excitement doesn’t have to negate the hard.

Positive and negative ideas are allowed to exist here and everywhere.

Every time I write a post that shares about me personally, I find myself reflecting on my coaching practice and the words that I repeat to clients. I’ve talked with other coaches and trainers who have said the same thing – they try to listen intently to the words they offer because there may be a time that they need to hold those words themselves.

Here are the things that I continue to reaffirm that I think you will appreciate:

1. I’m allowed to be excited and terrified at the same exact time.

It’s powerful to learn new strategies, create new opportunities and have experiences. On the flipside, it’s also ok to recognize how you may need to pep talk yourself more than you’re used to or more than you’d like to so that you can feel confident to try.

2. It’s ok to try and fail, without trying you never know if you can succeed.

I really do believe that we only fail when we stop trying, when we stop learning, when we don’t allow ourselves to evolve and change our thinking. I’m sure that sounds like “everyone gets a trophy” kind of talk, but it’s not. It’s realism that we won’t always get a trophy, but if that’s all you’re chasing then you won’t be satisfied.

3. I want to be bold first because that the real me – mostly loud, passionate, loves good food and will get into deep talks.

I don’t support everyone, just like there are people who don’t support me, but I know being my authentic self fearlessly (or as fearlessly as possible) will help me live a life I want and attract those who want something similarly.

4. I am not stupid, I am not selfish, I am not making a bad decision or making bad choices.

But for those who aren’t used to leaping, taking risks, never giving themselves a chance to be first and a priority, who struggle to create and enforce boundaries – this can seem uncalculated, selfish, uncomfortable. That is not my problem.

Here’s a bit from a poem I’m working on:

Little girl give me your hand

Let me show you how we can break free from these ideas that weren’t ours to begin with