Traveling Man

Traveling Man: A new book

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It’s been almost 5 months since I sat down and wrote a blog post. I don’t know where that time went.

Like, I do, but I don’t.

I know that there are many of you who feel the same way. It’s not just that the pandemic has played a role in your perception of time, but your perception is challenged on a regular basis.

It was is hard to admit that some tools I use help me track time. Like my calendar. I have a physical one on my wall and all of my email accounts are integrated to reflect on one digital calendar. Or an app on my phone to count days between events.

My therapist often reminds me that I’m a learned type A, it’s a coping mechanism that has helped me personally and professionally. Let’s face it, behavior is learned anyway, so it’s an odd statement, but still one I need to hear. We are the way we are from our environments and experiences.

We adapt and flex – some of us better than others. That’s ok too.

Change is hard. Change can hurt. Change can be wonderful. Change can open your eyes – blind you or give you clarity.

And here I go, writing poems in my blog posts. I’m reading it out loud as I write, so if you’re rolling your eyes, I’m here for it.

I’m sure we’ll get to poetry sometime this year too.

Since moving to South Carolina in February, there’s been a lot of redirecting my time, tracking my time, exploring internally and externally, giving myself time, taking time from others, giving away too much time.

I thought we could talk about how I’m giving myself time. Or at least trying too.

I started writing and then I realize I’m full of words – there’s so much to say and I know that we don’t have time to sit here, so I thought it could be a good time for a new series.

Wherever this road goes is where I’ll be

So this series is going to focus on the new adventures – we’ll get a little caught up, but we’re going to get lost in the woods pretty quickly, chat about writing, photography, how my health coaching practice has evolved and how training is going for me and for clients. We will talk about food because you know I can’t help myself.

Some posts will probably dabble educational – as always, there will be resources for you to check out so you can do some research and poke around. Some will be just for fun because that’s what writing is for me – having fun and connecting.

It’s relieving that I’m feeling like I can actually sit down and talk with you – I was really hoping that this feeling would come back, but I was scared it wouldn’t.

So here we are – I missed you and I hope you’re going to let me talk your ear off because I have a lot to say. I also hope that you have some to share too.

Cristina <3