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Traveling Man: 3 more months

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I’m saying it again. What is time?

I will never not say that because it makes sad that time has gone by so quickly, but excited that I’m also rushing into something else. I guess I like the collision of these feelings.

The excitement of new steals our hearts. It’s what makes food and relationships and travel feel like they’re so much more. The sadness makes us want to hold on too tightly – we all can find better balance.

That’s why important to notice how’s you feel when the fire starts to die.

It’s the same with habits and routines – when the shiny, new feeling wears off, when motivation is fleeting – how do you keep going? It’s become a part of you and you can’t imagine not doing it.

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There are three more months left and usually I ask how are you planning ahead. I’m a planner and a health coach – of course I’m asking. So, yes, continue to grow right now, but what can help you get through the holidays confidently? What do you want to see happen between now and the New Year? What do you imagine for next year?

You don’t need the answers right now. Our purpose isn’t to be productive, but for some of us, having a goal or something to look forward to helps us thrive. So it’s ok if it’s overwhelming to jump ahead like that, but let’s break it down.

What can help you grow through October?

I’m investing my time with a few of my favorite people right now. We’re sharing space on the trail, with good beer, over scary movies. Over sports and good food too. We’re making plans and I promise I’m trying to be more spontaneous, but you see the way my anxiety is some days…

On the trail, I’m most looking forward to a three-night camping trip in the mountains because after one night we go big or go home. My SUV air mattress just came in and I can’t wait to try it out and get things more situated. There’s a chance I’ll pass 100 miles this year, but that’s the aim nonetheless – this can help me set a better goal for next year.

In the kitchen, I’m looking forward to plunging into fall baking. I puréed four pie pumpkins and I’m ready to grab fall by it’s curls – I imagine she’s got big hair like me.

Maybe October is giving me breathing room too.

I’ve never given myself enough time to watch games and just relax on the couch. So while I always keep up with my favorite teams, I’m really loving that I can watch sports and not feel pulled like I have.

I mentioned recently that I felt a switch go off and I just felt like me again. I got my labs back and they confirmed that my hormones are normal for me again. Everything that had been off (TSH, testosterone, estodiol, cortisol, progesterone) from my stress has now regulated and it was relieving seeing the results and getting confirmation. Almost nine months, but chemically and mentally – I feel like I’m home in my body again.

I know everything else will fall into place from here. A little more patience, some time off and mountain air.