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The day is almost done and while I relive the 90s watching Friends I’m going to recap today with a few ask the audience questions.

Today’s goal was a breezy two miles on lunch. Somehow easier said than done.


I ran a mile and then out of no where I got super dizzy and nauseous. The only other time this happened was during my senior year of high school when I would go run around my neighborhood on a hot day. The neighborhood is super hilly and I would push through even the steepest parts (keep in mind I was never a runner before), but pushing through sometimes resulted in throwing up. Since I started running last summer I haven’t had this issue. Has this happened to anyone else?

To caring my heart rate down gradually to not make it worse, I walked a third of a mile while decelerating. So I got something done and hats great, but I would’ve loved to get my two miles in.

Moving on

Once I got back to work, I stuffed my face appropriately.


One medium tomato. One large cucumber. 2 cups spinach and 4 chicken tenders seasoned and baked. Very satisfying after a failed run. Sometimes I healthy eat my feelings

Tomorrow I’m not going to the gym because I have a packed day of meetings and appointments AND I’m working both jobs.

Sidebar I work a full time job Monday to Friday and a part time job a few days a week sporadically. The part time job is to help pt off my masters. Sometimes I work both in the same day, making it a 13 hour day. #roughlife

Friday I will be getting back in the gym and I have an industry conference. It’s going to be a busy day and hopefully not too taxing because I want to achieve the goals I set for myself. fingers crossed

How was your Hump Day?

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