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Gotta get down on Friday, I mean nap

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A few weeks ago I had bronchitis and after a 3 day dose of Z pack, I was feeling better, but not 100%. I did a couple of runs and some really long showers and my lungs were definitely opening up, but since my tonsillectomy in January, I haven’t been anywhere near 100%. I went to the doctor and turns out because of my lack of immune system, my sinuses are swollen, which is causing a lot of gross stuff to prevent my throat from completely healing. I can’t tell you how much I want to be better. Being sick is already not fun, but feeling 70% all the time really puts a damper on my workouts and lately my sleeping.

I definitely power napped this evening, not afternoon, evening. I seriously feel like an old lady. But here’s the plan to get back to 100%. My doctor is suggesting I take Benadryl before bed, Claritin when I wake up and a medication for my nose to bring down the swelling in my sinuses.

It’s only the first day and I can breathe better. I’m going to try to run tomorrow. I have definitely been slacking this week, and I know I need to be better, but the dizzy spell after my run the other day made me nervous, so a few days off was needed.

Saturday’s plan:


Timed run: 20 minutes

Weighted Squats

  • Goblet squats: 3 sets of 20
  • Plie squats: 3 sets of 20
  • Braced squats: 3 sets of 20

Dumb Bell Workouts: 8lbs dumb bell, 3 sets of 10 for each

Plank Row

Shoulder Press

Lateral Raise

Deltoid Raise

Rear Deltoid Raise

Biceps Curl

Hammer Curl


This should take up a solid hour; bring on the morning workout!

Well I’m off to bed. Fingers crossed on my recouping :]

<3 Cristina

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