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It’s been a damn good week

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And by damn good, I mean my food and workouts have been solid. I feel pretty good at my new job and I ventured into the campus gym at the new school. Working at a college has its advantages and getting a workout in on my lunch hour is definitely one of them. It not only allows me to break up my day, but when I leave the office I have the opportunity to get home and relax.

Tonight isn’t as relaxing as I want, but I’m getting things done such as the dishes because they pile up fast with prep! Cleaning the kitchen and putting away laundry. I’m also getting a chance to watch some of the things in my queue. Tonight’s movie is Patrio Games. Oh Harrison Ford you beautiful man you.

Since Sunday I have gotten in 5 workouts including 2 weight days, a Zumba class and two running days. Yesterday was my first day venturing into the weight on campus – the cardio and weights are in different rooms – and I got a really good leg day in. I was slightly sore today, but not enough to prevent me from doing a little over miles in interval sprints. I have felt really good about this week and for the past two days I have fit Tangueray and tonic in with dinner! I would say that’s a win.

I’m proud that my food has been almost perfect and that my water has been good too. Tracking isn’t just for when you’re loosing weight, it’s for maintaining too and sometimes it’s eats to forget that. Sunday I shared a photo from last Tuesday that showed me crazy bloated and a few pound weight gain over a months time. In a week I have lost some of that bloat. Here’s my progress.

In the left is the photo from last Tuesday and on the right is the photo from this Tuesday. Hell yes I was bloated. It’s crazy how your body reacts to food and lack of workouts. Science.

Tonight I’m planning out my meals for tomorrow and Friday. My supervisor wants to take me to lunch so I’m leaving plenty of room for wherever we go. We did talk about it today and I told him a lean meat and veggies would ideal. He’s got a few places in mind so fingers crossed. Friday I have no plans and Saturday I have a Pig Roast Party around dinner time. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. It’ll be a good test of how I act after I’ve been so good for a week.

Here’s the week so far in pictures.


How has everyone been doing this week?

<3 Cristina

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