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It’s been about two weeks since I’ve posted and it has been a busy two weeks! I recently started a new job and I now have a commute. It’s definitely a shock to the system to go from a 5 minute drive to work to a 45 minute drive. It’s an easy drive though and the hours are much better so I don’t mind the time in the car. Since I was getting settled into the office I wasn’t worrying so much about the gym. I did make it to Zumba on Monday, a run through the city on Thursday and an upper body weight session Friday. I would say that was good for what I was handling. 
Along with being busy with a new schedule, I wasn’t tracking my food like I should’ve been, but it was more than that. It’s not about tracking to just lose weight. It’s tracking to maintain the progress thus far. I’ve gained 4 pounds back and it feels like a million. This is from a month of on and off tracking. I had some great days and I had some not so great days. It took some time to gain 4 pounds, but I’ve got to push forward and get back on track. With starting a new job, there were a lot of lunches out with new people; this made it really had to make good decisions because eating out isn’t the most flexible. However, I was able to control my work day meals on Friday. I believe Friday and Saturday were definitely successes. Macros were pretty close to perfect and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Saturday night I even got a burger with a beer. Well, when beer fits your macros it’s always a good day. I have my macros and meals written out up to Tuesday for right now. I have some food prepped, it just needs to be assembled. This week will be a good week.

Here’s my photo round up for last week. I’m hoping to post more often and share more recipes. I’ve tried a few more fun combos that I was think are worth repeating. 

4 pound weight gain
proud of where I’ve come from
city run, ignore the splits – holy traffic lights
Friday evening upper body lifting session
felt confident in my shorts on Saturday, had to tale a conparison photo
farmer’s market haul
package from Jen in North Carolina
New Mexico style turkey burger

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Cheers to getting back on track and remembering how far we’ve come. Never going back!

❤️ Cristina 

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