Bikini Prep Check- In

Prep – round 2, day 2

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There are so many things I want to say and so many emotions I’ve got going on right now. In the fall, I decided that I was going to compete again. I was going to do it better. I had a goal of 150 pounds by the end of the year. I was 150 when I competed in November 2014, so why not have that as my goal starting point. Well, I’m proud to say that I made it through the holidays and yesterday’s weigh in said 150 pounds. I couldn’t believe it that I called my boyfriend in to look at the scale and then take a picture to send my trainer/coach Alaina. I was speechless because I knew I had done well during the holidays, by it was party after party and even tailgating at the Winter Classic. Granted, I was strategic, but still. I’m scared I won’t do well, but I’m confident I have the right people supporting me that there’s never going to be a chance to fail.

So let’s play some catch up, shall we? December 2014 was about a month post-show. I put on between 8-10 pounds throughout the holidays, which really wasn’t bad. Eating at the holidays is hard and going from competition prep to reality is VERY different. I tried to get back into the swing of things in the new year, but after losing 5 pounds by March, I wasn’t happy with my progress and decided to not compete in the spring of 2015. I tried Kayla Itsines BBG program and lost an additional 6 by the beginning of June. I was under 150, at 149 pounds for the first time since my sophomore year of college.

After a crazy job search, some stress eating and not focusing on the gym, I gained some weight back and by some I mean I think I was pushing 162ish. July 21, I got my act together. It was the day after I started my new job and I figured that was the best time to start because for the most part, all the unexpected crazy adult life things, were over. I restarted BBG and was on a great path – I was down about 5 pounds, back to 166/7ish. I then found Alaina on instagram. I found her web site and read everything. I emailed her and a few questions and after talking with her, I knew I wanted to work with her. That was October, it’s now January. I’m now 150 and almost sliding into a size 4.

My first show is April 23rd in Albany and the second show is April 3oth in Boston. It’s only day 2 and everything is being perfectly lined up so I am successful. I’m going to do a dry prep again, so no alcohol for the next 4 months, except for Extreme Beerfest, I already bought JP tickets for his birthday in February. I’ve made the decision to “skip my birthday” at least the eating anyway. It wasn’t a hard decision to make either, I want to do well at competition and it’s one day. It will be more fun celebrating over a meal when I don’t have a strict schedule or big goal in mind.

I’m 16 weeks out from the first show and 17 weeks out from the second. I’m confident for this time around. I’m going to have some fun with my workouts, I’m going to be a little cleaner in my eating. Maybe rub a treasure troll for good luck.

Here’s some progress shots from the past year. Cheers to the new year and kicking ass this spring.

<3 Cristina


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