Found: “fully functional cookies” by The Cookie Department

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Whenever I’m at a nutritional store, I look to see what’s interesting, what’s new and to find what I walked in for. When I was at Vitamin Shoppe recently, I came across another fit cookie, as I’ll call it. The Cookie Department calls their line of cookies fully functional, each one with the capability to help your body in some way. They have six flavors: Cherry Bomb, Tough Cookie, Snap Back, Great Full, Awaken Baked and Chocolate Chip Nookie. They have two sizes of cookies: break size, which is a single serve cookie and the original, which has two servings. I haven’t seen the original size in person, and who the hell thinks putting two servings in one package is a good idea anyway? That’s why I like pre-packaged things, so I can portion control easily!


The first one I had found was Awaken Baked. This was the first cookie that company created. It has caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee and it very chocolate-y. I loved the flavor of this cookie. I love coffee and chocolate, so putting them together like this is genuis. The fact I could use it as an afternoon pick-me-up on the way tot a work function was even better. No one wants to smell coffee on my breath when I’m trying to shake hands.

The only issue I had with this cookie – I do believe I found a few coffee grounds in my teeth. Thankfully, I was able to get them before someone else saw them.



The next cookie I found and tried was the Snap Back. This cookie’s purpose: natural detoxifiers will “snap” you back to your normal self. Whether that’s true or not, we’ll let science take the lead on that one. This cookie was super soft and if you like the spice of gingersnaps or gingerbread this cookie is perfect for you. It’s sweet and spicy and it was a sad few minutes when I realized I had eaten the whole cookie.  This was actually one I brought with me to my Saturday ritual coffee outing. It was perfect with a cup of medium roast. This one is my top favorite out of all the cookies made by The Cookie Department.

My third experience of The Cookie Department was their sweet potato and oatmeal cookie called Great Full.  This one accompanied me on a business trip and it was a perfect close to a long day of driving. This was my second favorite and if I believed in tying for first, this would tie with Snap Back. This is the cookie you get if a sweet potato eyed up oatmeal at a party and said “I want to take advantage of you.” Similar to Snap Back there’s a little spice from the molasses in the cookie. This was super chewy and instead of raisins, there were cranberry pieces baked in.

The fourth cookie I tried was the Cherry Bomb. Sadly this little guy was crumbled in its packaging, but that made for a very interesting addition to my chocolate gelato sundae the other night. It had pieces of cherry in it, which I thought was a great addition. I love things that bulk up a cookie – nuts, chocolate, fruit. I like things with a little texture, but not a lot. This cookie, however, was dry. It could’ve been close to the expiration date, but I know that the Snap Back was actually a few days after its proposed date and it was super soft and chewy – it tasted homemade. It could’ve been the batch, but regardless this was my least favorite cookie that I tried.
I’m in search of the last two flavors: Tough Cookie – a peanut butter cookie, and Chocolate Chip Nookie – I think you know what that one is. These are only found at Vitamin Shoppe and the web site only allows you to buy full boxes. So I’m on a quest to find the last two – sadly, I’ve checked three different stores, but I may call another one near me. Desperate times, call for desperate measures!

If you find yourself in need of finding something to fill up your carbs, this is a cookie to consider. They’re low in protein because that’s not their function, but they’re also lower in fat. Most of the cookies are 5f, but the Tough Cookie appears to be the fatest cookie with 9f – reasonable though since peanuts have healthy fats in them.

I have plenty of other things I’m excited to try. If you want to know about protein bars – check out my instagram on Saturday mornings – that’s my favorite time to try new bars, but I do post about new ones often!
Talk to you soon!

<3 Cristina

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