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It’s not just a cup of coffee

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When Shannon said she wanted us to do something nice for ourselves and tell her about it, I don’t think she had this in mind.

Shannon or @liftinglawyer turned 31 yesterday. Her only request was to be selfish and do something just for you and then tell her about it.

I know it’s an odd request, but maybe that’s what happens as you get into your thirties. I also think Shannon she puts some good juju into the world and that’s why this was her request.

I try to do something nice for myself daily – I make breakfast, I get the coffee ready. Those also serve JP too, but I shower, sometimes I shave my legs. I guess those are also a benefit to others around me sometimes, but mostly those are things that make me feel put together. I work out, sometimes I don’t. I journal. Sometimes I spend too much money on a cupcake. You get the picture.

I also like to help others. It makes me feel better. It’s why I did start coaching. At some point responding to emails and messages wasn’t enough.

But what I’ve learned is that even small gestures go far. Those messages mean something, especially when the day has really sucked.

I try to do some good with the platforms I use. They help me with my health journey, they help me connect with others for business, but they help me connect socially and see the through windows into other peoples lives. It gives me a little perspective, even though warped.

This morning I asked who needed a cup of coffee that morning – the first five would get one on me.

A few things about giveaways that I think we all recognize – people love free stuff. No doubt about it. But, it was more than that. Many also told me why they needed this cup of coffee and that got me.

In less than a minute, I reached out to the first five and asked “Starbucks or Dunkin’?”. Because let’s be honest, are there really other options? I sent 5 eGiftcards worth $5 each because on average you can get a cup of coffee with that. Now if you’re getting a venti mocha latte with a double shot, that’s on you if $5 can’t cover it.

But messages kept coming.

Someone said she had been up all night with her newborn. Another’s husband had the flu and was up all night. Another had a 12-hour nursing shift. Another has a 19 credit course load and this week just won’t end.

I posted again, asking if anyone wanted to pay it forward. Immediately three of those who received their gifts cards from me asked to pay it forward.

Since 7 am this morning 11 people have purchased 11 gift cards for coffee for people around the world and I say world because someone from Scotland was in the mix.

A few have thanked me saying this made their day. One said this reminded her that good people are still around.

It takes nothing to be kind.
It doesn’t dull your spotlight to cheer others on.
A small gesture can turn someone’s day around.

These women reminded me of the goodness that there is when you give someone a chance to share the goodness in them.

I’m hopeful that others will think about how a small cup of coffee can make a lasting impact to help someone else get through the day. Maybe it won’t be a coffee, but a smile or holding the door or words of encouragement.

It takes minimal effort to lift someone else up.