Guest post: What can self-care look like?

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This is a collaboration and ad post. I recently met Alicia of Boxed In, Co who makes the She Matters Subscription Box through the Boston Business Women’s networking group. Over the next few weeks, we’re doing a few collaborations together and she was gracious enough to push herself to write up a quick post for you about defining self-care for YOURSELF, why she started She Matters as an affordable option to treat yourself monthly and how you can snag a box for yourself.

When you sit and think about self-care, what comes to mind?

For me, it’s become quite simple, self-care is taking care of YOU – to do the things that are needed to help and protect yourself.

And it’s possible that this could mean so many different things and it absolutely should. There aren’t many “shoulds” in this world, but this is one of them. You should tailor your self-care around your needs, not what society thinks you need.

If you don’t know what you need, consider starting here. These questions can help you  determine the what and the how to explore self-care:

  • What do you need satisfied?
  • How do you feel protected?
  • How can you be helped right now?
  • What makes you feel good physically or mentally?
  • What brings you joy?

It can be tough to step back and learn about what makes you truly happy and brings you joy, but there is also power in listening to yourself without judgement. How can the questions above spark something in you so you feel confident to challenge yourself to think more critically about your needs? Could this be an opportunity to list out new things to discover?

*Creating a plan can also be part of self-care.

Now you’ve identified what self-care could be for you, what’s next?

How can you set aside dedicated time to tend to those needs? What could that routine look like each week? How can it be flexible? No one will know you better than yourself. THIS is why I created the She Matters Subscription Box.

Prior to this year, self-care was only practical in my life. For example, I only considered long baths and drinking wine with candles. Which still is self-care, however there is so much more to it.

*Check out how journaling can be part of self-care.

I started my own self-care journey at the beginning of 2020, which encouraged me to start a self-care support group. Managing and facilitating this group helped me see that there are many women just like me looking to find time to prioritize themselves.  

While my journey has been short lived (and is still going strong!), I’ve learned so much about what self-care actually means and I’ve wanted to share my knowledge and collaborate with other women.

*Creating and enforcing boundaries can be self-care.

With She Matters subscription box we are dedicated to helping make self-care more accessible for women while reminding them to prioritize themselves. Each month, our subscribers receive a box full of feel good items that promote self-care, that I’ve hand selected.

This is a monthly reminder to prioritize themselves! I curate a variety of products ranging from self-care, fashion, beauty, lifestyle. Along with affirmations, reminders, recommendations, activities and tips to care for yourself. My goal is to create a community that normalizes self-care. A community for women to join and share resources, ideas and encouragement to help build self-care into their lives.

To learn more about She Matters subscription box please visit us at to sign up for your monthly reminder to prioritize yourself.

Alicia, owner, Boxed In, Co.