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Spring cleaning and backyard fires

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I started writing two weeks ago, then paused. I needed to take a deep breath and it’s felt like I’ve been holding it ever since.

That weekend I cleaned. I mean the deep clean that you do once or twice a year when you find missing crumbs you forgot about.

From the kitchen to the mud room – cleaned.

It’s been on my to-do list, but I just haven’t had time to dive in and clean. And Sunday I didn’t have anything that I needed to do, so cleaning was a good option. It’s probably what I needed to start the week too.

I went through my office and my file box and cleaned. I found my tax returns from 2013 and 2014, and let’s be honest I keep my returns because I heard you should for at least 7 years. I pulled out 2013-2017 and burned them.

I burned them along with old papers from my last car and old contracts and mail that’s been waiting to be burned. We also burned the cardboard that’s been waiting to be recycled. There was a lot of cardboard.

There’s a lot of cleaning to do. I think the office desk is next on the list. Possibly in between regional day trips for work.

I’m hoping the cleaning helps me feel less cluttered and I can stop holding my breath.

I can’t wait for spring.