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The deposit could be worse

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It’s been a long week, but also, it’s only been a few days. My perception of time is just nonexistent and I can’t even blame the pandemic anymore.

I got an update about the deposit for the salpingectomy. It’s not going to be $1,500, but instead it’s $1,124.19 based on my current benefits with my insurance. I would love to know how they get the $0.19, but it seems pretty important.

We’re still waiting on pre-authorization, which I was told can take on average 2 weeks. I did receive a message yesterday that BCBS received the request and they will keep me updated. I was actually surprised how quick they acknowledged the request.

The surgical coordinator with my OBGYN also gave me the contact information the finance office at the hospital so I could request an estimate for the procedure. After providing them with my insurance information and the CPT code, she told me it could take 7 to 14 business days to get the estimate from the insurance company.

So, I’m still waiting to schedule my appointment for surgery because my insurance policy requires pre-authorization and without it, they can deny my claim. This is just my doctor being cautious.

My hope is to have surgery scheduled for mid to late March, but it’s possible that I’ll have to wait until April.

I feel positive that the process is moving pretty quickly, at least for now. Here’s to more waiting.