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Birthday present to myself

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Over the weekend, I was notified that my insurance approved the pre-authorization for the salpingectomy and stated it was medical necessity. Honestly, I was shocked that it came in so fast, especially after I had been told it would take up to 2 weeks.

I waited though until I received a message from my doctor’s office via MyChart to call and schedule my appointment. So when I got the email, I called and left a message and while I waited I called my insurance.

In my first post, I shared that it appeared my policy and the rules from the Affordable Care Act would provide me with the surgery covered at 100%, but I wasn’t 100% positive. I spoke with the representative and let them know I saw that the pre-authorization was approved, but I was curious about my specific policy’s coverage and what that would look like.

She placed me on hold for a few minutes and when she returned, she said yes, as long as my provider is in-network, it’s going to be covered at 100%.

I squealed and cried because these procedures can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. It was relieving to hear and also overwhelming because I’m taking the next step that I’ve wanted to for so long. It doesn’t feel real.

When I spoke with my doctor’s office I let them know what my insurance said about coverage. They said that’s awesome and we will still need to be patient about claim submission. I paid my deposit, and if the surgery is covered at 100%, I will get it back.

So, I’m scheduled for March 16th, just a few days before my 34th birthday. One of my best friends will help me the day of my surgery and I have someone checking in on me too! I hope these 3 weeks go by fast.

It’s hard to describe and express the thoughts and feelings going on in my head, but I’m grateful, and I’m looking forward to living my life the way I want to.