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One week out + gym time

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Tuesday was the first gym session since January meaning first time at a gym that isn’t my living room or my garage gym. It was also the first one since surgery.

Monday I went on a birthday hike and did over 7 miles – not intended, but clearly what I needed. I’ve been pretty mobile since my surgery to help alleviate any bloating from the gas they used because it was a laparoscopic surgery. I’m still feeling a little bloated, but I know there are some things I can control and others I can’t.

As far as pain, I have some nerve pain in my right arm. This is common after laparoscopic surgery because of the gas. It can actually last a few weeks, and it comes and goes. Still not bad enough for pain killers, but it’s definitely a needling, annoying kind of pain. I notice it most in forearm, which meant I primarily focused on legs at the gym and tried to listen to my body to pick appropriate exercises and weights.

Yesterday I did the Vault and went to ballet, which were great. It felt good to move and get that kind of sweaty. I’ve noticed the glue is slowly coming off from my incision sites – it’s not bothersome and it’s not getting in the way of being active so I’m planning on a few lifts the next couple of days in the garage as the weather warms up a bit.

While the bloat through me off and triggered some bad body image days, I’m feeling like myself again and nothing is going to get in my way.