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Not all those who wander are lost: another trip

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It’s fitting that this line from J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem The Riddle of Strider from The Fellowship of the Ring is one of two of my favorite quotes. If you’ve never read or seen LOTR, Strider is actually the kind of Gondor, but he appears to be a Ranger. The poem is primarily about looking past the surface because things can be hidden.

I have this quote engraved on a bracelet and on a necklace. Sometimes it’s misquoted without those.

Growing up we didn’t really do family vacations. Trips were reserved for big news like when it was clear my mom wasn’t coming home or we were getting a nanny or moving to a new state. As an adult traveling never felt good. I had racing thoughts around being gone for a stretch of time and the expense of traveling made it out of reach when I wanted it.

The past two years I’ve had more opportunity for day trips, weekend trips and this year, I took the leap and started booking all the travel I’ve been holding back on. I also leaned into old tips from when I traveled for work so I can also make the most out of work trips too.

So far this year, I’ve been to Dallas and Fort Worth for work, but made sure I had some time each day for myself and to find good food. I’ve been to northern Georgia for work and while I didn’t have time for leisure, the drive through the mountains was perfect. I’ve been to D.C,, Annapolis, Savannah, Tybee Island and Virginia for day trip and weekend adventures. And last week I was in Asheville for work and had plenty of time for myself.

I’m used to traveling alone. I often don’t mind because I love making a list and making a plan. If I get tired I can sleep in my car or if I’m energized I can stay out until 2 in the morning dancing like I did the other night. I also know that sometimes, some ideas I have may be more fun with others. However, I’m no longer using this thought from setting deterring me from taking the trip anyway. I’m also being creative to figure out ways to see friends across the country as I also explore more.

This is my second Passover and I’m going to Washington state for the week. I think it’s important to specify here since I just went to DC if you weeks ago. I’m so excited to see three of my closest friends. One is a former client and I’ve known her for over six years. The other two are friends I met here and they moved cross country last year after getting discharged from the Army. I’m lucky to have friends who want to celebrate and learn with me…and don’t mind if I cook!

On the list: eat in Seattle, check out Pike Place Market and the Pier, hike Mt. Rainier, just breathe.

I have trips book every month until September from Miami and the Everglades to a road trip to New England, Vegas, Utah and Charleston.

Between my break up (which I’m not talking about and won’t answer questions) to surgery, I have a lot of renewed energy to do things I have wanted to do, but questioned or told myself I couldn’t. We’re no longer using that language here.

I still get racing thoughts, but it’s so much less now. I take care of things ahead of time so coming home is less overwhelming. I spend a ton of time with my sweet boys when I get back because it’s a lot for them when I’m gone for stretches. I can do both. I can have the house and the travel.

We’re going to see the world. Enjoy the daily things. Learn everything I can from school, work and life. And continue to do things until there’s not a lot left that scares me.