Saturday adventures

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 As week 10 of BBG comes to a close, I have a few things to celebrate!

 1. The thinning of my mid section! 
2. My journey’s progress is steady and I’m feeling really good about the recent changes.  
3. These baby biceps are going to start growing in a few weeks.  

4. I’m finding inspiration all around me, even in little things.

5. I’ve been giving myself time to explore the city around me.    
6. I’ve given myself some wiggle room for tasty local eats, but today I only got coffe 🙂    
7. But Infound some locally made cheese spread to bring home.  

8. I wandered around the farmers market and bought a croissant, which I have big plans for breakfast in the morning.  

9. I noticed my neighbor has the best flowers today.  

10. Date night with myself involved many carbs including a turkey burger and Halo Top ice cream for dessert.  


It’s almost sad that this week is over, but I’m excited to start a new one.

❤️ Cristina 

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